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Viral Wizardry

We have been responsible for some of the most successful music videos in history.

As a music video promotion company, we study and apply the craft of how, when, why videos go viral and songs become hits.

We identify opportunities to maximise profit, coverage, mainstream media cross-over – in fact ALL aspects of the video’s success and long-term performance.

Indeed it’s not as glamorous as it looks, a lot of work goes into social media activation, engagement and ultimately viral success, which makes our lives hectic – just as well we love it!

Traditional Ethics

The cheap/fake “video boosting” operators who offer only increased view counts and fake likes, should be avoided at all costs. We do not condone or endorse any of the hundreds of ‘cowboys’ that you may find on Google, and we advise our clients to steer well clear of their quasi services and grandiose promises and bargains. Don’t be fooled!

Now more than ever, we see great potential for genuine viral video marketing services with real engagement from real people who are really interested in the content that’s on show.

YouTube’s major security upgrades since late 2014, and again in early 2018 have been a fantastic clean-up operation – this new decade looks promising!

Genuine Support

Personal service is something that most of the world seems to have forgotten about. When you have a largely digital relationship with your clients as we do, it is important to apply the caring touch, and go the extra mile to break down the barriers between the business and the buyer. We cherish our customers as they are our greatest asset, and we treat their online properties as carefully as we care for our own.

We are always aware of the importance of humanity in what we do. The empowerment of warm regard, and the way in which the world needs to rediscover ‘connectedness’. We serve you well because we actually care.

Drop us a note at at any time, we’ll be happy to assist however we can.

music video promotion

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