YouTube music video promotion is easy with our 5 simple steps:

How to promote a music video on YouTube

  1. Before you promote your music video on YouTube, create a three-point ‘click triangle’ with the video and two social media profiles or posts – all three locations must display an easily clickable link to the other two!
  2. Visit , click the “YouTube Music Video Promotion” button then select the size of promotional campaign that suits your needs and budget, making sure to request any country or language/s you wish to promote your YouTube music video in.
  3. While your YouTube music video promotion is running, embed your YouTube music video link into as many websites or highlighted/pinned social media posts as possible.
  4. Follow up your YouTube music video campaign with an
  5. Extra YouTube Engagement boost within one week of your campaign’s completion.

  6. Always acknowledge, interact with and have some of your friends engage with those who have commented on your YouTube music video, and repeat Steps 1-4 whenever possible.
youtube music video promotion

Best Music Video Promotion Company

As for the best music video promotion company, well we think that’s us, but we’ll leave it up to you to decide!

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