Twitter Music Video Promotion

Twitter music video promotion has incredible potential. However, there are some basic principles which need to be learned and applied so that your video meets the needs of those unique Twitter video viewers.

As you most likely know already, successful YouTube music video promotion requires high quality sound production. If the sound quality of a YouTube video is low, it’s pretty much a deal breaker.

Twitter music video promotion

However, with Twitter videos it’s the visual aspect that is key. Specifically, the way in which you can emotionally engage the eyes of the passing glancer and convert them into a clicker and a viewer.

It seems a little tedious and discouraging, however the potential is so great for Twitter videos, you should not be disheartened. There are so many Twitter videos that ignore this key point, so you can dominate with your Twitter videos by paying close attention to the timing and key visuals of your Twitter video when preparing it for publishing to your Twitter feed.

Whereas YouTube is one giant focus fest, Twitter is one giant distraction fest. Become familiar with the power of a short video of less than a minute, get used to displaying visual imagery at the start of a video that elicits an immediate emotional response in the person watching, and get to know what video looping is and how to use it to your advantage, then you’ll be ready to buy Twitter views.

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